Thursday, 30 December 2010

Have Fun With Green Day in: Pritchard's Vacation (2 PARTS IN ONE - TRANSLATED)

By: Wilhelmina Marshall and Ivon N (translator)


Prof. Calculus (c) Herge

Disclaimer: OHMYGAWD!! am I really need to tell you it's all FAKE?! xD

just enjoy :)

Part 1

“Let’s go!”

Stella smiling happily as she takes her super-massive sized camping bag. Today she will goes camping with Mike, her Dad. To some hill outskirt of Oakland. Sometimes, you should spend some time with your kid on holiday, Mike’s reasoning.

Well, anyway, when Mike was putting things into car, telephone house’s ringing. Who else answered the call aside his only daughter?

“Hello? Stella Pritchard speaking.”

“Hey Stell. This Billie, got an urgent thing. Is Mike there?”

Stella stood silent for a moment. She knew Mike and Billie’s ‘urgent thing’ (??) gonna take a long time. This could ruined her holiday.

“Oh, Dad’s going someplace.”

“Why are you not coming with him?”

“None of your business,” Stella semi-jokingly answered coldly, although to be true, she wants to laugh out loud.

“Whoa, looks like Stella got the ‘day’ today,” Billie replied jokingly.

Stella just burst a small laugh. “I’ll catch him later, Bill. He goes there first.”

“Where exactly is ‘there’?”

Uh oh, this gonna take a long time to explain, Stella thinks as she peeked outside the window, where Mike’s giving her some hand signs to get departs soon. So she answered shortly, “Dunno, he gonna pick me up at Kadek’s house.”

“Oh, okay,” Billie sighed. “Well, tell Mike to get his ass to Reprise as soon as he gets home, and happy holiday to you.”

“Thanks Bill.”


“Who was that?” asked Mike as he focused on driving along the road.

“Oh, Audrey, Dad.” Stella lied, as her hand’s punch busily at her HP’s keypad (hem, what’s the connection of it?)

Soon, all Stella’s friends who knows Billie got this SMS:

“Hei guys! If Billie Joe asked about me or my dad to you, please don’t tell him where’s we’re going, okay?

Thanx, happy holiday and cheerful greet, Stella”

But to no avail, as it turns our Billie Joe was following their car!


“Morning Sir. It’s hot, isn’t it?” Ivon, a young-adult girl who’s currently enjoying her holiday greets a short man wearing glasses. Kinda looks like a nerd or even a genius. With the hat and green longcoat, the elderly man looks like Auguste Piccard (of course he is, he was Herge’ inspiration for Calculus character). Who is Auguste Piccard? Find out yourself ;)

“Hat?” the man- who else if it wasn’t Professor Calculus- raised one of his eyebrows. “Yeah I got a really nice hat. Thank you for the praise.”

Ivon’s jaw dropped a level. What’s wrong with this guy? But the unspoken question got answered as Calculus takes out a ear-trumpet. Ooh, I see, he’s deaf.

They were waiting for a hitch-hike to some hills outskirt of Oakland. Ivon wants to visit her ‘mini-villa’ there to have a nice getaway of her office job burdens. As for Calculus...who knows what his business there? The point is, both of them got a same destination :P

A car about to pass. Both Ivon and Calculus gave sign. It was Hitchin’ A Ride, isn't it?

“You want to go that way too?” asked Calculus.

Ivon nodded. “Going to villa at the hills.”

“Eels? You are going to visit some eels?”

I should not have talked to him, murmured Ivon resentfully.

Anyway, the car stopped and Mike Dirnt’s head appears. “Need a ride? Goin' where?”

“Hills outskirt the Oakland,” Ivon said.

Calculus (this time using his ear-trumpet) nods. “Same, I’m with her.”

Mike and Stella smiled. “Hop aboard.”

Their car continued on moving.

So is Billie Joe’s.


“Well, here we are,” Mike jumps off the car. Back then while they’re on the road, they had introducing themselves to another (although Stella and Ivon have to scream in order to make Professor Calculus able to hear their names), and finally the long road trip is over.

“I got a villa near here,” told Ivon.

Calculus, who decided to use his ear-trumpet that time, replied, “Villa?” Ivon nods. “Yep, wanna stay there for a night or two?”

Calculus nod happily.

But Mike and Stella decided to build a tent near there. Their original plan was to camp anyway.

And Billie Joe decided to ‘camp’ in his own car.


Part 2

Night falls.

Stella and Mike were taking a nap inside their sleeping bag. Both of them staring at the distant stars. It’s a really clear night.

“Stell, we’re rarely going together like this, aren’t we,” Mike’s trying to be mellow.

“Yeah,” Stella answered coldly, although deep in her heart she feels excited and really happy. Both of them goes silent again.

“How’s school?”

“It's fine.”

“How was is going with the final exams?”

Mike’ s question made Stella remembered something. “Oh yeah. Dad, do you never wonder how I got my A+ at Science?”

Mike stared at Stella. A+ at science in Stella’s report card was really outstanding. But also unnatural. “How come?”

“I was doing my senior’s exam.”


“I’m serious Dad, the teacher got me the wrong sheet, so I do it anyway. And it turns out I could finished it. So the teacher’s really impressed.”

Mike gave a hollow look on his face. Is she really is my daughter? Her classmates got an average C+ or B- and she could finished her senior’s exam really good, resulting an A+ from her teacher.

Some girl Stella is!


Ivon’s greeted with the fact that the hills where her villa is became the nest of some stray dogs. They’re not dangerous, but she should stay alert. So she reminds Lucia, a girl who stayed with her and comes that evening, not to go outside at nights.

Unfortunately, she forgot to remind the professor who also stayed with her.

So, that night, Calculus goes outside to inspect some kind of night plant that only grows at the hills in America. He originally lives in England, maybe it was for his hew research.

That time, Billie Joe, who was ‘camping’ inside his own car, decided to go for a walk. So he gets out of his car. He saw a suspicious shadow moving.

At the same time, Ivon who was wearing a house dress opened window. She always does that in her villa (let some fresh air comes in, that’s her philosophy). Lucia already sleeps in her own room. She saw Calculus down there, with...a stray dog right in front of him. Shocked , she yelled only:


Calculus who saw only her mouth movement replied, “HUH?! WORMS??!”

Unfortunately, Billie Joe ONLY heard Calculus’s yells. Poor Billie got a worm phobia. So right after he heard the word, he ran as fast as he could. His refreshing desire vanished in a blink of eye.

It became worse, because the dog saw Billie moving, he became the victim.

Oh, what the f*ck.


Stella and Mike who were taking a nap while gazing at the stars got bothered by a strange voice coming from outside.

“Uh, Dad, what is that...?” her question got cut off as their tent got collapsed by the ‘shocking’ weight from the outside.

Mike struggling to gets out. The Green Day bassist who at the time only wear a boxer got flung (or to be exact, flung himself away) followed by his daughter on the grass. And both of them staring at the person who made their tent collapsed.


The person who get yelled at only staring at Mike’s body with a rather slashy look on his face. (yucks!)


“You almost broke your leg.” Lucia said as Ivon and she busy bandaging Billie’s feet. Actually he was okay, but still, better safe than sorry.

Stella came and brings along many cups of hot chocolate. Finally, all of them decided to stay at Ivon’s villa. Mike returned to his tent to clean the mess before moving all equipments to the villa. Stella needs to sleep alone, so he and Billie must spend the night at the living room.

Lucia who was extremely skilled at dog-catching (because she really wanted to have a doggie!) succeed caught the stray dog and planned to take it home later. Finally my wish to have a dog is granted, she said merrily.

“Here,” Stella gave these cups of hot chocolate to all of them. Mike returns, putting his equipments, and sit in front of Billie and asking seriously to his band mate.

“Okay, tell me now, what the hell are you doing back then, and for what reason you followed me and Stella here?”

Billie takes a deep breath. Then he tells everything. Mike, Stella, Lucia, and Ivon laughs out loud.

“Some sh*t you’ve been experiencing Billie. The dog was harmless. It’s you who made the dog scared,” says Lucia and Ivon together.

“Scarred? Who else got scarred beside that man?” asked a voice.

Everyone turns around. Calculus stands at the door, holding some plants in his hand and a little bag containing books about plants.

Their laugh was louder this time.

Moments later, after Calculus goes to his bedroom, they still laughing, but Stella stopped first. She asked, “So why are you following us Bill?”

“I gotta talk to Mike.”

“About what?”

“Cigarettes And Valentines... somebody stole it.”

Mike looks so shocked that it will be no wonder if he passed out right away. The other stop laughing.


Calculus reappearing again. It is some kind of a miracle he could hear that. But then again, Mike’s scream was really loud. “What is it?”

He just staring blankly as seeing all persons in there looks so trashed and shocked. “Oh nevermind,” he says before returns to his room again.

Leaving Billie and Mike who got themselves in despair and crying session.

Ivon, Stella, and Lucia didn’t say anything. Finally they gets up and leaving these two best friends. Both of them looks sad and angry too.

Hope it all will end nicely, think the three of them.


A note from the wannabe-translator: well, it did end nicely. American Idiot became their mainstream breakthrough, and later brings them two Grammy awards and world-wide recognition :)


so, whatcha think? :)