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(Interview with my friend, taken at February 2011, translated version)

Q: Since when you write GD fanfics? 
A: Actually I wrote some short comments since I love Green Day, that means around late 2008. But I really write those since October 2009. Thanks to my friends and this neglected blog.

Q: Why do you choose Green Day to be your fiction characters?
A: I have some reasons. Er, three actually.
First is I love Green Day, I’m one of the fans. Second, they are full of character. If you’re also a Green Day fan, maybe you’ll see how dynamic the trio is. That’s also a reason why I love them. And the last, my friends are Green Day fans too, so they keep encouraging me to write about them.
Q: What do you do if you’re lost of inspiration?
A: I’ll so some things. Like drawing, reading, listening to music, and even studying.
Q: You said that you like drawing; do you consider yourself as a good artist?
A: Well, actually I don’t. But I believe that if you like something, you’ll consider that you’re good at it. I always love my own drawings. *snicker*
Q: What things do you usually draw?
A: Hm, Green Day is my fetish since 2010, the year when I really started to draw. Now I still draw them, but I somehow is attracted by Harry Potter world, especially Mr. Malfoy.
Q: What kinds of music you usually listening to?
A: I love rock, but I love rap and hip-hop. Green Day and Eminem are my favorite. ^^
Q: What project that you’re up into these days?
A: *laughs* I’m working on a crossover, actually. The title is In a Suburbia of Nowhere. I also write some stories including my own OCs. And don’t forget some Green Day slash.
Q: In a Suburbia of Nowhere? Interesting. What’s it all about? And how do you get the inspiration?
A: I’ll answer the second question first. I was listening to Green Day: American Idiot Musical on Broadway while seeing some Harry Potter fan arts. I guess that’s when a spark came over my head. I follow the AI storyline as good as I could, but I’m using Harry Potter characters like Potter himself, Draco (Malfoy), and Ron (Weasley). I hope it’ll come good to the readers.
Q: If you’re concentrating yourself into one story, can you make another one with a total difference?
A: To be honest, that’s why I’ve never been writing for the early 2011. This blog was being neglected again when I was concentrating to my other stories. I tested myself by writing my crossover and my slash, and I’ve been neglected the slash for almost two months. But I promise to write more, crossover, fiction and slash.
Q: According to Green Day Fanfictions (well-known as Have Fun with Green Day) that you’ve been writing for more than a year, where and when do you usually get your inspiration?
A: Much places, but much of those cheesy inspiration were coming from my church. In the car, I was thinking about the new fic and my brain sparked. And then after church I will think more about it before I come home and stormed to the computer.
When? I know this sounds pathetic and lazy, but I usually get them in the exam weeks. Maybe those inspirations want to torture me with prevent me from studying, I personally don’t know.
Q: What are you always doing other than inside the internet?
A: You mean my job?
Q: Yeah.
A: Oh well, other than writing, I’m of course a student, and I’m also a voluntary librarian in my church. I’m also a translator and an editor. I’m a piano student, too. I consider myself as a good one, since I love playing the piano. Although sometimes I got too lazy for practice.
Q: Do you have partners for writing Have Fun with Green Day?
A: Do you know Audrey and Kadek who always appeared on the fics? They are my partners. And if you’ve reading my little biography on the blog, you’ll know that Ivon is one of the translator, other than myself.
Q: You translated your own fics?
A: Hm, yeah. I used Google Translator and it come out so bad. I decide to translate it by myself, using my own brain and the dictionary.
Q: Nice. By the way, I’ve read some of your fics, and there’s not also Green Day in it. Who are you usually feature in the fics and why?
A: The first ones I used to feature are Kadek, Audrey, Mift, and I. Somehow I don’t appeared Mift again, and used to the trio consist of me and those two partners. They are my first friends who appear on the fics, so I used them all along.
At that time I started to love Eminem as well, so I feature him too. And Kadek and I formed a group of friends that we call Kitchen Band. In my old fics I also feature Justin Bieber (antagonist one actually, but it’s not really matter because I don’t really like JB).
In conclusion, I love featuring everybody’s up because I love when their characters mixed in my stories.
Q: You said what? Kitchen Band? Can you tell me about it?
A: It consists of me and my friends: Espi, Kadek, Rizky, Nanda, Tika, Nurul, and I. We’ve formed a ‘band’ called Kitchen Band since 2009. I like all of them, so sometimes I make a fic based on them recording a song featuring Audrey who has a very beautiful voice.
Q: Do you have someone to thank to?
A: For making me like myself now?
Q: Yeah.
A: First I’ll thank the Almighty God who leads me all the way. And then my family; my parents and my elder brother, my friends and teachers, some of my enemies who make me write in anger, and even my lovely dog. I also thanked ever person that appeared on my fics, because their existence makes my life more colorful.
Q: What is your dream?
A: I want to be a Taekwondo athlete like my elder brother, but since my foot doesn't support me, I have to let it flow and decided to swim, also for my therapy. You can read my old fics to know about my right foot. Well, I also want to be a pianist and a piano teacher, an editor, a writer and a good artist. I also want to be a good digital artist.
Q: And two more questions. One is: I’ve been read your old fics, and some of them have too much strong language in it. Why?
A: That’s why I thanked my enemies. Anger pushes me forward to write something.
Q: Last one, what would you say to people who want to write fics like you do?
A: Write freely. Don’t fret of what other people think; they like or not. Just write whatever you like. And that’s what reminds me of Eminem. He writes and raps whatever he likes.
You also need to LIKE the activity. I mean if you like to write, you'll consider yourself as a good writer and proud of your own writings. Do NOT copy other people's writings; it's good to be inspired, but don't be a copycat. You are NOT brainless.
The last is you have to understand all about your characters; what they look like, what are their personalities, even how they walk and talk.
These are important to me, and I won’t hesitant to share it.